Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision

​JCMS students take accountability for their learning, seek joy and kindness in their lives, and use innovation to positively impact their community and our world through civic activism. Families and community members are our partners who help us ensure that all students are leaders ready for a successful future. 


Our Mission

At Jamaica Children's Magnet School for Innovative Leadership & Civic Activism, we challenge all children to think critically and independently. Our students collaborate, take risks, and are accountable for their learning. Students engage in discussions with one another, complete complex tasks and utilize self-reflection. Through guidance from their teachers and individualized support, we help students discover their passions and to lead with empathy in our complex world.


Racial Equity Vision Statement 

At Jamaica Children’s Magnet School for Innovative Leadership & Civic Activism, we are committed to being leaders for equity, who will work to raise the achievement of all students while eliminating disparities along lines of race. We endeavor to create a welcoming and affirming environment, where students, families and staff feel safe, accepted, valued, and their cultural identities are affirmed. 



The foundation of success, for our students and our school, is rooted in our core values and PASSION traits, which define the JCS JAGUAR WAY.





IF we continue to strengthen our core instruction by implementing the 4E’s of ProBL and maintain high expectations through rigorous instruction and inclusive curricula that affords ALL students the opportunity to critically think and engage as digital citizens within a blended space that is welcoming, affirming, and culturally responsive,

THEN students will be able to:

  1. Visualize and uncover novel content while making intentional connections to their prior knowledge through exploration of varied sources.
  2. Demonstrate and explain their understanding of grade-appropriate task expectations using academic vocabulary 
  3. Participate in rich discussions and collaborative real world problem-solving activities that allow students to take ownership of their learning by engaging in a productive struggle, building upon prior knowledge and manipulating varied resources. 
  4. Utilize task expectations to examine their individual learning process as well as assess the quality of their product.