Attendance Policy

Students are expected to be present in school every day. It is essential to each student’s academic progress that they actively participate in class and submit work on time. Present means that the student is physically present in the classroom/school learning environment for instruction during the scheduled school day. Attendance taken is taken each morning at 8:05 am. Attendance below 90% is considered chronically absent. 



  • If the student will be absent, inform the Main Office at You should also inform the teacher. 
  • If the student is absent due to illness, inform the teacher and submit a doctor’s note to the Main Office upon return
    • This does not excuse the student's absence
  • If the student will have an extended absence due to travel plans, contact the Main Office at and your child's teacher before you travel. You will be asked to submit copies of the travel itinerary (tickets, etc.) 

If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances that are causing the student to be absent, inform the Main Office at and the teacher.

If there is a pattern of absences, a member of the Attendance Team or Attendance Teacher will make outreach to you to determine a reason for the child’s absence and to offer support. A lack of cooperation from families will result in the school eliciting support from external agencies.



  • It is essential that students are prepared, on time, and ready to learn for all lessons, 1 on 1 sessions, and small group instructions.
  • Attendance will be taken by classroom teachers daily at 8:05 am. If a student is not at their line/table/classroom at the time the teacher is taking attendance, he/she will be marked absent. If your child arrives after 8:05 am, they will be issued a late pass to be handed to the teacher and attendance will be adjusted and marked as late.

  • Frequent lateness will be reported to the Attendance Officer. 

  • Late arrivals often put your child behind for the rest of the morning and are disruptive to the class.  This is also a lifelong habit that needs to be established early in a child’s life.

If you have any questions about attendance, contact the Main Office.