Breakfast and Lunch Policy

Breakfast and lunch are is served daily for all students. Students will eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. 



Students are able to enter the cafeteria through Entrance 2 beginning at 7:40 am. Breakfast is a hot breakfast. Students may have their own breakfast to eat in the cafeteria as well. To ensure that your child has enough time to eat their breakfast please send them to school at 7:40 am. Students start transitioning to line spots/classes at 8:00 am. To not disrupt the learning process, please avoid sending your child to school after this time with breakfast in hand. No eating is allowed in the classrooms.



If your child brings their own lunch to school, please be reminded that students have different food allergies, so speak to your child about not sharing their lunch or snacks with other children. Please send your child with food that does not need to be heated and that your child can eat independently. Please also send students with healthy snacks.