Communication Policy

ClassDojo is CURRENTLY our main communication tool with families. On this platform, you are able to receive schoolwide announcements, communicate with your child’s teacher directly, and monitor your child’s engagement in school. We hope to have a celebration at the end of the school year, and students who have 75% positivity points will be invited to the event. Also, Dojo points will allow students to purchase various items from our School Store.

Beginning in school year 2022/2023, we will be using the GAM system from NYCDOE. On this system, you will be able to communicate with teachers, see your child's grades and progress, and track your child's attendance. 

We post many of our event flyers, student activities and important notices on Instagram and Twitter. Follow us to celebrate your child and be informed. 



We post monthly events, parent newsletters, resources, and more on this website. Here you can find out all about the school, its policies, and resources to support your child.