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Happy June!!!

The school year is almost over, but we have a lot planned for the remainder of the school year! Whether remote or in person, we have an event or two for you! Did you know our school is ranked 7 out of all of the elementary schools in District 28 according to Did you also know that we are rated a 7 out 10 according to

This month, we will have our JCS Diaspora. The Diaspora will feature all of our countries of the month in the school building. Students will create artifacts from the country and re-create a place or items of the country. A virtual tour will be created to share with the school community. The launch will take place on June 4th. Thank you to all that helped us exceed our goal of $1500 for the Kids Heart Challenge! Thank you to all that participated in our First Annual Multi-Lingual Language (MLL) Advocacy Day by representing their country. Check out all of our events on the homepage

This month, we will also celebrate our students through Awards Ceremonies. A Save the Date flyer was sent via ClassDojo. Please save the dates so that you may be able to attend the Award Ceremonies for your Jaguar. All Awards ceremonies will be virtual for grades 1 to 5. Kindergarten's Awards Ceremony will take place at the Stepping Up Ceremony on June 21st at 11 am. The Awards Ceremony dates are as follows:

  • JUNE 17TH: GRADE 5

As always, our partnerships with Microsoft and Target have been fruitful. Our Jaguar Elites are engaging in STEM activities through Microsoft. Microsoft has also partnered with the district to offer two of our Grade 4 girls an opportunity to be part of District 28's Girls Who Game Club. These girls are collaborating with other Grade 4 and Grade 5 girls in the district to building a world in Minecraft that focuses on gender equality and affordable and clean energy. This month, they will showcase the work that they have done with others and girls from Canada. 

The administration of the NYS Exams including the NYSESLAT are continuing this month. The exam dates are as follows:

  • NYSESLAT Speaking: Monday, April 19 – Wednesday, June 9
  • NYSESLAT Listening, Reading, Writing: Monday, May 17– Wednesday, June 9
  • Grade 4 Science Written Test: Monday, June 7

The last day of school is on June 25th and it is a half day. School will reopen on September 13, 2021. More information regarding time of arrival, final report card, and other information will sent to you on the last day of school. For students that will be attending the Summer Rising Program this summer, the program begins on July 6th at 8 am. More information will be coming. As always, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Lindsay or myself if you have any questions. 

Important Upcoming Information:

  • Check out Dates to Remember for June on the homepage.
  • Middle School Offer letters were distributed last month

We want to take a moment to celebrate all of the fathers and those who take on  the role of a father to our students. We want to wish you a Happy Father's Day!!! You are instrumental in the lives of our Jaguars! As always, we thank you for your continued collaboration and support. 


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THANK YOU TO Mrs. McGuffie (Xavier's Mom) for purchasing a Jaguar Elite Package for a family!

THANK YOU TO Ms. Coffin for organizing our Career Week!
THANK YOU TO Mr. Onesto for organizing the Kids Heart Challenge!
THANK YOU TO Ms. Lu for organizing Multicultural Day!

We want to celebrate YOU in this section. Please send any awesome news that you may have (wedding, new addition to the family, milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancy, new job, etc.) to Mrs. Lindsay at:


Check out our Instagram @wearejcs to see OUR April and May Jaguar Birthdays!!!

If your Jaguar will celebrate a birthday in June, please send Mrs. Lindsay their photo with their birthday cake or birthday outfit on along with the birthdate and how old they turned via email:



The end of the year has arrived and teachers are examining your child's progress. During this time of year, teachers review your child's IEP Goals for end of year grading. Teachers will look at each individual goal that was set in place for your child, and assess whether your child has met the goal, made improvement, or needs more time to meet their goal.  To assess the goals, teachers use the criteria that set forth on the Annual Measurable Goals page.  The annual goal is examined by criteria (the measure / grade of assessing), method (how the goal is being assessed), and the schedule (when the goal will be measured). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your child's teacher for further discussion. 


We are finally at the last month of the school year! June is here! JCS ENL students will engage read aloud and narratives about various culture and identity. In reading, we are continuing small group guided reading, we will continue to practice decoding strategies and continue to work on comprehension strategies. In writing, we are continuing to work on writing multiple complex and expanded sentences. A helpful way to strengthen your child writing is to build and create sentences using sight words and vocabulary words we have learned in class. Please try this at home. Please continue to keep reading at home, reading independently at home is helpful to help your child improve their reading skills and comprehension. Look out for June's parent workshop discussing home language supports and supporting your child in the summer.