Parent Newsletter



Happy December!!!

This month we celebrate World AIDS Day and Human Rights Day!

Thank you to all families that participated in various events we had last month: SLT Meeting, Parent Teacher Conferences, Spirit Week, and NYSCA Parent Workshop! We had a good turnout at these events. We had an awesome Friendship Feast on November 24th. 

We are well into the second marking period, which began on November 2nd. As communicated in the previous newsletters, students spent the month of September engaging in Social Emotional Learning activities as part of our homecoming plan and support. Students also took beginning of year exams. The results of those assessments will be sent home with your child on November 3rd. You will be receiving progress reports on December 15th via email for your child. 

The Academic Recovery Services for Special Education students will be starting on SATRURDAY, DECEMBER 4TH. You will be receiving a letter if your child is participating by December 1st indicating their teacher and starting time. Saturday Academy for other students will begin in January. 

Starting in the month of December, teachers will post the topics that students will engage in on Class Story. 

The results of our most recent survey regarding PupilPath indicated that 90.3% of the school community feel that PupilPath will be beneficial to the school community. We will be moving forward with purchasing the service for families. Pupil Path is a student information system for Parents/Guardians and students. It allows them the access to view important student and school information such as student attendance records, class schedules, assignment due dates, grades, school announcements, and more. This is a convenient tool for both parents and students to keep up with classwork and student performance. By enabling you to see this information on a daily basis we can work together to ensure that our children remain on track in every class and get the most out of their education. Parent workshop on how to use PupilPath is coming soon. 

Due to the change in weather, the attendance has been irregular. Please ensure that you are sending your child to school each day and in uniform. Missing a day of school disrupts the learning process. The class with the highest attendance will be given a pizza and ice cream party. Please remember that we are a uniform school and students are to be in the school-issued royal blue with the logo and khaki bottoms each day. If you did not receive a uniform order that was placed with the company, please reach out to Ms. Sarita. 

An email was sent out to all families regarding completing the online blue form so that we have the most up to date information in case of an emergency. Please complete this form for each child that you have at our school. 

Important Upcoming Information:

  • Real Talk with Dr. Remy: This meeting will take place on December 2nd at 9 am
  • Birthday Celebrations: As stated on our policy page, we have communal birthday celebrations. Please sign up if you would like to celebrate your child's birthday. 
  • Holiday Show: We will be having a Holiday Show on December 17th. Students will showcase various holidays in December through dance, music, and art. 
  • Check out all of our under events on the homepage Dates to Remember and the Calendar.

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