Our Policies


Grade K to 2 students enter at the exit closest to the park and Grades 3 to 5 enter at JCS main entrance. Students must have completed the Health Screening Survey in order to enter the building each morning. Students also have their temperatures taken at arrival as well.  All changes in dismissal arrangements must be submitted in writing to the teacher or via email to Ms. Sarita at sramgulam@schools.nyc.gov by 1:00 pmTo ensure student’s safety, verbal requests will NOT be honored.  In addition, students will only be released to names listed on the blue emergency cards. If you would like your child to be picked up by someone who is not on the blue card, you must state the person's full name and number in writing with your name and contact information. 

Instruction takes place until dismissal unless there is an EMERGENCY. Please keep early pick up of your child to a minimum. YOUR CHILD  will thank you.  


PLEASE NOTE your child will be called to the office when you ARRIVE  in the office for pick up, NOT BEFORE.


Students exit at the same entrance at arrival for parent pick up. Please wait outside for Students being picked up must complete the dismissal form.

Grades K to 2 Dismissal Form

 Grades 3 to 5 Dismissal Form


*Please Refrain From Using Building Main Entrance*


Students part of our afterschool program will transition to their program sections. Students who take the yellow bus will be transitioned to their busing locations to get on the bus. 


Please make sure you or your caregiver picks your child up on time every day. The teachers and staff have professional and personal responsibilities including professional development and meetings with parents. If you know you will regularly be late because you are picking up another child at a different school, you should make plans with another Jamaica Children’s School parent to wait with your child until you arrive. JCS Staff is not available to supervise your child past 2:25 PM.

All late pick-up students will be brought upstairs to the library at 2:30PM. If you are late picking up your child, all families must pick their child up in the Main Office and sign them out in the “Late Pick-Up” book.

See our COVID-19 UPDATES site for up to date information on school procedures due to COVID-19. 


Thank you for your consideration.


Students are expected to be present in school every day. It is essential to each student’s academic progress that they actively participate in class and submit work on time. Present means that the student is physically present in the classroom/school learning environment for instruction during the scheduled school day. Attendance taken is taken each morning at 8:30 am



  • If the student will be absent, inform the teacher.
  • If the student is absent due to illness, inform the teacher and submit a doctor’s note to the main office.
  • If the student will have an extended absence due to travel plans, contact Dr. Remy at eremy@schools.nyc.gov or your child's teacher before you travel. You will be asked to submit copies of the travel itinerary (tickets, etc.) 

If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances that are causing the student to be absent, inform the teacher and contact Dr. Remy at eremy@schools.nyc.gov

If there is a pattern of absences, a member of the Attendance Team or Attendance Teacher will make outreach to you to determine a reason for the child’s absence and to offer support. A lack of cooperation from families will result in the school eliciting support from external agencies.



  • It is essential that students are prepared, on time, and ready to learn for all lessons, 1 on 1 sessions, and small group instructions.
  • Lateness disrupts the learning process for all students

If you have any questions about attendance, contact the main office or our Social Worker, Ms. Coffin.




Breakfast and lunch are is served daily for all students. Students will eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. 



Students are able to enter the cafeteria through the K to 2 entrance beginning at 7:40 am. Breakfast is Grab and Go. Students may have their own breakfast to eat in the cafeteria as well. To ensure that your child has enough time to eat their breakfast please send them to school at 7:40 am. Students start transitioning to classes at 8:00 am. To not disrupt the learning process, please avoid sending your child to school after this time with breakfast in hand. No eating is allowed in the classrooms.



If your child brings their own lunch to school, please be reminded that students have different food allergies, so speak to your child about not sharing their lunch or snacks with other children. Please send your child with food that does not need to be heated and that your child can eat independently. 




 k-2 grading policy  grades 3 to 5 grading policy 

A more detailed description of the grading policy includes the promotion criteria for each grade and student supports.



Students will receive homework each day. All homework will be posted on Google Classroom. The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce learned skills and concepts. It is also to develop the sense of self-discipline, personal responsibility, and independent thinking. Homework are for the students and students should complete their homework independently. This helps the teacher diagnose where the student misconception lies. 


Independent reading will be assigned daily. Below is a chart of the suggested reading time for students by grade each night. Students will have to submit a reading log each Monday



Grade 1

Grades 2-3

Grades 4-5



15-20 minutes

30-40 minutes

40-50 minutes


20-25 minutes

40-50 minutes

50-70 minutes


25-30  minutes

50-60 minutes

70-90 minutes


Students will receive math and science homework as well. This homework may be in the form of a project task, computation task, or a written task. 



 Class Dojo Logo 

ClassDojo is our main communication tool with families. On this platform, you are able to receive schoolwide announcements, communicate with your child’s teacher directly, and monitor your child’s engagement in school. We hope to have a celebration at the end of the school year, and students who have 75% positivity points will be invited to the event. Also, Dojo points will allow students to purchase various items from our School Store.


Instagram Handle

We post many of our event flyers, student activities and important notices on Instagram. Follow us to celebrate your child and be informed. 



We post monthly events, parent newsletters, resources, and more on this website. Here you can find out all about the school, its policies, and resources to support your child. 



Students in grades K to 3 are allowed to have in class parties. Each month, there will be one day where all students who have a birthday that month can celebrate their birthday. Since birthday celebrations are held on the same day, items will be shared with the class. For example, Parent A will bring the juice boxes; Parent B will bring the chips. This will help reduce the amount of money parents spend on items for the celebration. Pre-register at least one month in advance in order for plans to be made. At this time, family members are not allowed at the celebration. Please leave the items at the Security Desk. Be sure to clearly label the bag(s) with your child’s name, class and teacher. 

Celebrations are ½ hour only from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm.

Please be mindful of the following:

  • Theme based party hats/paper goods and age appropriate music are allowed.
  • Packaged foods such as cupcakes, donuts/munchkins, individual juice boxes, individual chips are allowed.
    • Food items such as pizza, chicken, sandwiches, etc. are not allowed
  • Ice cream/ice cream cakes, nut products, decorations, & clowns/magicians are NOT permitted
  • Video taping and photographing of students without parental permission is NOT permitted
  • Students, parents and teachers are not allowed to distribute private birthday invitations to students. Parents must network and distribute private invitations among themselves.
  • Party bags or goodie bags are not allowed.
  • Parents must bring: plastic food preparation gloves, napkins, forks, and plates.
  • All forms must be submitted ONE MONTH prior to child’s birthday (except in September). Submit during first full week of school in September. 
  • Late requests, late parent arrivals, or missed dates will NOT be accommodated.
  • Complete the Birthday Celebration Request Form to schedule a birthday celebration
  • For any specific questions please contact:
    • Grades K and 1: Ms. Cruz-Chica
    • Grades 2: Ms. Mullen
    • Grade 3: Mr. Samaroo

If you do not want your child to participate in birthday celebration due to religious reasons or any other reasons, please let your child's teacher know. 



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